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How to make Xd browser prototype 100% zoom by default?

Community Beginner ,
Jul 26, 2023 Jul 26, 2023

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When I use the "Share" link in a Usertesting.com test, it opens the prototype at a reduced zoom level for the users, both when I set it to "fullscreen" mode on and when "fullscreen" is off. I'm doing unmoderated tests so am unable to explain how to adjust, and it's negatively impacting our feedback as people comment the text is too small, or about the large size of the white "bars" on the left and right sides.


My artboards are 1500px width and multiple heights (usually 3000px or more), but the issue happens on all of them. It's been multiple tests and multiple files. Generally, my Scrolling is set to "Vertical" and "Viewport Height" is 1280. I tried changing the "Viewport Height" to 1080 and 800 and it still displays at different Zoom levels. =(


This happens in mulitple browsers. Both mine, and the users reviewing my prototypes.


How do I make preview links open at 100% zoom so everyone reviewing my prototypes, regardless of technology, can view them in a usable way? Or if there's another solution I'm missing, please do share.


It's similar to this "Shared prototype not displaying at 100% zoom by default" issue, but mine is opening at a reduced zoom level, making the prototype much more difficult to use.


Thank you!






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