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Scalability issue with nested components including multiple states

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Jun 03, 2021 Jun 03, 2021

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We are in the process of re-creating a design system with co-editing, making good progress until a certain point everything starts to slow down, saving to the cloud takes longer and longer... often blocking us from using the file whilst saving... opening the file also takes sometimes between 10-15 min...

When opening the file from the cloud we start seeing a message saying that components should be under 20,000 layers for optimal performance...giving us a list of the problematic components.

These components all share the same issue; they contain many sub-components (and sub-sub-components) that each have about on average about 5 states.

For example: A modal with header and footer containing many form elements each of which have states such as hover, focus ,pressed, disabled, etc.... multiple inputs with such as calendar pickers (also made of many buttons with multiple states)

Conclusion: We have had to completely re-structure and not use components with multiple states, but rather create a new component for each state, having to constantly swap components (which does not remember the text override, so that we have re-type content each time) making it a very time consuming affair and not so fun/easy to create prototypes with. This is a real pity as we would really like to use Component States.

Is this a scalability issue? Everything was working well to start off with but we hit this wall pretty soon.
This has also resulted in some parts of the design system no longer exporting/hanging when being viewed in Prototype or Dev Spec.

Crash on mac, Import and export, Product performance







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