Best team workflow with cloud docs?

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Nov 05, 2019

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How are y'all working with cloud docs and teams? Are you running into any issues with having to invite folx to files, and them having no visibility otherwise?


The way we currently organize our team work is via GDrive, so we can define en masse who has access to large groups of files and who doesn't...and our folders are very organized. I know I can remove teammembers from files, but I'm a little concerned with a couple of things:

  • What's the best workflow when someone quits? Do I have to manually go and remove them from _every_ file they're on? Or will their ghost email just be attached to it forever? Or will it auto-delete when we remove them from our team account?
  • Is there any way to invite people to "folders" or collections of content at once? I don't love having to invite everyone individually, as I often go to a PM or whatever and say "the file's in X folder," and then they can go find it. Or, when someone switches to a project, they can just find the file on drive and get working. I don't have to worry about managing access, etc. and the files are really transparent and available. From what I can tell CC doesn't do any of this sort of team organization. I don't love the idea of everyone's files just sort of existing in the aether with no cohesive organization...and having to rely on them having invited me to a file just to see it.


Any tips on working within these sorts of workflows with cloud docs? Really want to start using things like collaboration, but am not sure I can get over these hurdles yet.

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