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Sep 29, 2020 Sep 29, 2020

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Actual Issue:


Clicking on objects in my XD composition does not highlight them in layer hierarchy if those layers are inside a component, even though the specific object is clearly highlighted on-screen.


Actions such as merging shapes or grouping layers does not update in the layer hierarchy until I change my selection in the hierarchy. 


Ex: I click on rectangle A and rectangle B in the hierarchy, click add/merge shapes, and nothing happens to those layers in the hierarchy. If I then click on another layer, say an image, the merged shapes will suddenly update to display as a union in the heirarchy.


Rant about XD team:


Can you guys just take this app off the launcher and put it back up when it's actually finished? This program has caused so much workplace stress, I will never go to bat for Adobe software purchases ever again. Its actually embarrassing for me to defend adobe to my colleagues, and it sure as heck should be embarrassing to the team that "developed" this. Keep in mind, this is not my response to a single small bug, but a seemingly endless avalanche of workday-stopping bugs, and an extremely clear attitude from Adobe that they simply don't care what people actually want, and just develop whatever gimmicky features they feel like.


Let me just make a small case:


Drag / Scrollable textbox in XD: This is something web and mobile developers need all the time. A basic scrolling textbox. The XD team has decided, however, that it's just not important. So in order to actually create this, you need to go to youtube and search for some benevolent soul out in India who will demonstrate a way to fake the functionality (and of course, in the end, it's not even a scroll bar, the drag function is not a true drag function, but a binary, one-directional movement)


BUT, instead, XD has chosen to develop these extremely useful features that a lot of people asked for (utter sarcasm) Voice Commands. Co-editing. Hotkeys to switch workflows... Come on. Come. On. You guys have 3 tires and a sputtering engine and you're already painting flames on it. 




(and just to nip it in the bud, this is not an invitation for Elaine Chao to hop in and tell me the program is actually perfect and they're doing a great job. That's not the point of this forum. The point is for you to get actual feedback that isn't just blind and dumb analytics. Listen to your users, or fail.)

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