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Nov 20, 2020 Nov 20, 2020

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Thank You, Thank you for adressing the ability to add graphics and videos to the essential graphics pannel as this is a HUGE part of the power of this dynamic system approach. A couple of small things I noticed when I implemented these updated in a project. 


• Image preview in EG panel defaults to black. This works in most instances except when the graphic is black as in the case with this vector logo. May be more helpful if the background is transparent or there is in invert option.


• When I added a Illustrator layer to the EG panel I lost the ability to constantly rasterize that layer which is the main reason I use illustrator graphics in AE. I was able to work around this by making the Illustrator layer a comp but the necessity of this extra step seems like a bug not a feature. 


• While workable the Edit Value workflow to edit source text is not intuitive and clunky in practice when taking advantage of EG instancing in AE. It would be better if we could get a EG like editing panel for making instance comp changes. It feels like a step backward to have to drill down into the instanced layers Essential Properties and edit specifically each text element one at a time when we just created a clean and unified EG Panel with text boxes. If this is my ignorace in implementing the feature in AE I would welcome additional guidance.  


Over all I am super excited about the possibilities of this. Thanks for all your hard work. 

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