Improved Viewer Responsiveness  (Black Frame Fix)

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May 30, 2020 May 30, 2020

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Hello, Public Beta Users. 


We recently fixed a long-standing issue in AE that would result in frames not rendering:   

Switching between Composition or Footage viewers no longer requires the first viewer to finish rendering before the second starts rendering. DVAAE-4214511.

The change is broad and affects all rendering and interactivity in the app. Basically any time a render took a long time, if the user switched panels (layer to comp for example), and started interacting, it would not cancel the layer panel first, resulting in no interactivity and a black frame.  The fix should reduce the illusive black frame issues we’ve seen reports of.


We’ve verified the fix in-house.  We’re now releasing the fix to Public Beta users for expanded coverage.  No need to do anything special.  Just use AE as you normally would and be on the lookout for unexpected crashes due to things that should have been rendered but were not, or panels not restarting render after being canceled when they should.


The BlackFrameFix was checked into 17.1x69 and has been in your beta builds since April 29 and is enabled by default.  So, inadvertently you've already been testing it.  Please use this post to let us know if you’ve encountered any issues around this area. 


Thanks for your help.


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