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text based editing captions to graphics transferred to after effects

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Sep 25, 2023 Sep 25, 2023

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Working on a spot with "See and Say" graphic Subtitles.

I tried to use text based editing to get the timing and transcripted text into after effects for animation. 

To save time. 

2 issues. First I created the captions, and it misspelled a good portion of the dialogue. I kept trying to correct it but it keeps changing them back. Eventually I gave up trying to edit the captions and decided to just use them as a timing reference in after effects. 

We have a style for the show so all text has to match the style and the brand. So I converted the captions to graphics. and then tried to transfer the timing to after effects. When I select everything and click replace with after effects composition, they come into after effects with each piece of text as a precomp with the editable text inside the precomp. It seems like if you transfer graphic text to after effects you would want it to be editable. because having to go into each precomp to edit the text and pull it out or making any adjustments becomes really difficult. Versus if the layers just came in outside of the precomp and were editable, it would be super easy to let auto transcribe to the timing and then bring the layers in as editable text layers that you can use as graphics. Probably not something a lot of people try to do with this feature so I thought I should point it out. attached are screenshots of what is happening. Maybe there is a setting that I dont know about, but this doesnt seem like the ideal way you would want this to work. 







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