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ACES - view transforms do not work when a comp is nested

Community Beginner ,
Mar 03, 2023 Mar 03, 2023

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  • Issue - ACES - view transforms do not work when a comp is nested.
  • Adobe After Effects version number - 23.2.1 (Build 3)
  • Operating system - Windows 10
  • Steps to reproduce - Set the project settings to OCIO color managed. Config - ACES 1.2 Working space - ACES/ACES - ACEScg, Display color space - ACES/Rec.709.
    Import footage (I'm using a mix of sources) tag them appropriately using interpret footage.
    Create a comp using say Rec.709 footage. The comp will look correct because the footage has been interpreted correctly and the view transform is set to ACES/Rec.709.
    Nest the comp.
  • Expected result - The pre-comped footage should respect the view transform
  • Actual result - The view transform no longer works. You can only see ACES. Setting to other view transforms has no effect.


Note: the rendered output seems to be ok, but you cannot preview the work correctly within After Effects.

Bug Unresolved
Compositing and VFX , Workflow






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