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After Effects 2023 Keeps crashing!!!

Community Beginner ,
Jul 02, 2023 Jul 02, 2023

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After Effects 2023 keeps crashing.

I have had very little luck with AE 2023. It is the worst version if AE I have ever used.

I use AE every day and I have gone through pretty much all of the iterations of AE since AE3, always excited that maybe you will fix the bugs that I know you know are there.

Do you need a list?

OK well AE2023 hates plugins, yeah you know that though don't you, that is why you have the new 'disable plugins' or start in 'safe mode' after a crash. Well I don't want to disable plugins because they are what I use in AE. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it makes no difference and no I am not going to buy them through your stall, is that what the issue is? you want me to re-buy them from your silly little stall?

The plugins I use that have caused crashes recently, will add a percentage beside them to indicate how often they make AE 2023 crash:

Element 3DV2 %100

Plexus 100%

Stardust %50

Deepglow 40%

Yes all plugins are the latest version so don't go blaming them, if it was one then maybe but it is your AE that is the problem.

If I was for some crazy reason to import a font well that will make AE spazzout like a crazy MF and flash like a 1990s disco.

Are you ever going to make AE and Media Encoder actually talk to one another? Like when you send a comp to be rendered in ME and it never arrives? Restart ME you say, reboot PC you say, will I say FU! Fix that S@#t!!!!!!!!! 

Go on ask for my PC specs like maybe you forgot to make AE PC friendly, have I updated my drivers, am I running the latest operating system. I am running windows 95, is that a problem?

Bring back AE5.0, it was the only stable version of AE and it could export .mp4 all versions of AE since have been s*&thouse.



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