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Color Shift when exporting ProRes in AE v 23.1 on Mac

Community Beginner ,
Feb 16, 2023 Feb 16, 2023

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I am sure you are well aware of the following problem, but I could not find a solution online and it does not seem to be fixed? 
When working with Arri Alexa Mini LF footage (ProRes/.mxf) there is a color shift when exporting in ProRes 4444 (trillions). 
I used the official sample footage from Arri: https://webgate.io/directlink/b043cddb9c4658e0 

Clip: F003C003_190925_MN99.mxf 
I tried everything, different software versions, hardware accelerated decoding on/off, different computers, depth, premultiplied/straight... 
There seems to be a slightly different problem with Premiere as well. I think it might be a problem with how the file is interpreted by AE because it seems to help to re-encode in ProRes 4444 with DaVinci first. 
Also AE shows the file as millions of colors (if I understood correctly that means 8bit) what would be wrong in that case. 
The Arri Alexa series might be the most important cameras right now and it would be really important to have a flawless workflow for these files/codecs. I'd highly appreciate any help that I can get for this problem, maybe some of you guys can try it yourself? 
I added stills with the shift to my post. It seems really subtle, but when grading that can be a huge problem. 




Bug Unresolved
Import and export , Troubleshooting






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