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Dynamic link errors, anyone else love getting them??

Community Beginner ,
Jan 29, 2024 Jan 29, 2024

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I'm very appreciative of the fact that adobe knows that when I hit warp stabilize or camera solve in after effects, that 80% of the time I'm just kidding. I didn't really want it to work, so it's always great when I get AE saying "hey there! how about a dynamic link error?" to which I respond "but I'm not using anything dynamically linked? so what else does that mean?" to which AE always responds "haha, we're not going to give you any information, what do you think I am, an industry standard program?"


Of course that's only 80%, about 5% of the time it gets creative and just decides to stop processing frames halfway through. That leaves the other 15% of the time, where a tree just falls on my house to aleviate me from having to see whether dynamic link gave me an error or not. 




Seriously, years of this, at least give me a hint every once in a while - we could settle on every 3rd error? 

Bug Unresolved
Dynamic link , Troubleshooting






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