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Every Video i render Has a thin Half pixel border

New Here ,
Feb 06, 2023 Feb 06, 2023

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Windows 11 Running After effects 2023 & Premiere 2023 where both issues exist.


When I use a white solid or a shape layer as a background, I get a weird border artifact that appears only at certain times in the program, but always in the renders. 


In the attached image "Boarder issue 2" and "Boarder issue 3" you can see the lines appearing at different viewport zoom levels (12.5% and 25%) they disappear at 50% and at 100%, but regardless of what the viewport is, they will appear in the final render.


If I add a white rectangle/solid behind the video like in  "Boarder issue 4" the outline disappears (in this case I put the solid behind half of the video) but it will still appear in the render. 


Trying to export from premiere leads to a similar result, in "border issue" you can see scaling down the video (or up to try and crop the border)  still results in a new border being created.


I have rendered in H.264, MOV. Transparency videos. none successful.


Please if you have any idea of what I am doing wrong or if this is just a bug let me know. Effecting my client's work.




Bug Unresolved






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