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Incomplete/Inaccurate Font List in AE Generated Report

Community Beginner ,
Jul 11, 2023 Jul 11, 2023

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Issue: After Effects doesn’t create a complete/accurate report when collecting (or generating) in regards to fonts. The issue is that DRM’d fonts being used via the Monotype Desktop App/service don’t get generated/listed in the report. OR if they are installed in a user folder. They only seem to get listed/generated if installed in the \WINDOWS\Fonts folder.

This issue has been tested in AE v23.5 & v22.65, but I imagine it’s not version dependent.


OS Tested: Windows 10 22H2

Hardware: AMD 3970x, 256GB Ram, 2x 2080ti GPUs

Steps to Reproduce: Collect project and/or generate report only.

Expected Result: TXT file with full list of fonts used in project.

Actual Result: TXT file with partial and/or empty list of fonts used in project.


Attached is a zip file with the AEP made in AE v23.5 with a mix of locally installed fonts, and Monotype synced fonts. There is also a separate TXT file that was generated via 3rd Party script that generates the names/styles of the fonts used, along with their location on the PC. The “undefined” file paths represent the Monotype fonts used in the project.

Screenshots also included to show how the AEP looks, and how the AE generated report compares to the 3rd Party script.

Ideally all fonts used, regardless of their file location/DRM, could get listed so that we can share assets/projects with other artists/groups/vendors without issue.

Bug Unresolved






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