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keystrokes not registering in AE 23.1

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Jan 20, 2023 Jan 20, 2023

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I have had this before in earlier AE versions, but it's back, or still here. About one third of my keystrokes are not registering. It's not the keyboard, all other apps work fine. Just typing to rename a layer will ignore some of the letters, copy-past via keyboard is totally unpredictable because a lot of the times the copy or paste keystrokes are not registered. Changing tools, entering numbers, anything that uses the keyboard is becoming unpredictable because a lot of the keystrokes are just ignored. Sometimes I have to press a key several times (like 4 or 5 times) before it’s registered. Also there sometimes is a lag before a keystroke is registered, which is extra super annoying, having to press 5 times, and ending up with 2 times the keystroke with a delay.
This is becoming unworkable, I fear my keyboard will not survive my frustration…
I’m using a Mac Studio Ultra with 128GB RAM, macOS 12.6.2, AE 23.1
It wasn’t doing this before, nothing was changed or updated in my setup.

Only thing I can I come up with is that the After Effects project file is getting bigger. I’m working on a 10 episode series with over 750 VFX shots, they are all in one project because it’s easier to interchange settings and setups between similar VFX. These are not very complicated VFX, not a lot of expressions or nested comps. Just a lot of comps with about 3 or 4 layers and a lot of tracking data.
I can’t remember this was a problem in previous big projects, but it seems there is some sort of upper limit to how many compositions and/or footage files are in/linked to a single project file for AE to work properly.
I would assume that After Effects would be able to work normally within a simple comp, even if the projectfile has a lot of comps + footage links. Am I wrong?

Maybe there is an other reason After Effects isn’t registering all keystrokes?

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