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🗞️October 2023 After Effects Community Recap

Adobe Employee ,
Nov 24, 2023 Nov 24, 2023

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Community Recap Banner October.png


Hey folks!

Step into the October edition of our Community Recap. Pause for a moment as we journey through the highlights and achievements of the past month. October was a canvas painted with creativity, collaboration, and inspiration. Let's dive into the highlights!

Community Highlights

The October 2023 (24.0) release is here, bringing a bunch of exciting stuff: cool new features, some workflow improvements you all asked for, and some crucial fixes in After Effects. Now, you can work smoother, finesse those details, and keep your creative vision intact.

The new feature I love the most is Roto Brush 3.0. Click here to check out the feature in detail.

Top troubleshooting topics from October 2023

Issue: After Effects 23.6 and 24.0 Not Starting on MacOS 14/Sonoma

Status: The cause of the issue appears to be Sonoma adjusting the permissions and access to folders that After Effects requires to run.

Check out this thread for more details and solutions.

Tutorials from October 2023

Images as Particles Transition in After Effects with ShiveringCactus

Create a Pulsar in After Effects with ShiveringCactus

Huge thanks to ShiveringCactus for sharing tutorials with our community!

Previous editions

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