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86::1 error with swf files

Community Beginner ,
May 17, 2023 May 17, 2023

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Using AE 23.4.0 (Build 53)

Animate 23.0.2 (Build 103)

M1 MacBook Pro, 32Gb, Ventura 13.2.1

I'm using AN to create animated sequences, then stitching them together in AE. Whether or not that's the right way to do it, it worked for me until a couple of days ago. I know that what I did next contributed to the problem, but I don't think it should still be happening. I became aware/suspicious that my external hard drive was showing signs of failing, so I copied eveything on it to a new external hard drive, including the whole animation. I thought that everything being kept together in a folder would mean that it would be happy in its new location, but because the new HD didn't have the same name as the old HD, AE can't find anything. (My memory is so poor that I can't even remember what exactly the old HD was called, so I can't name the new one after it). When I tried using the "Missing footage" search on AE I got the above error. I was resigned to starting again (a building job, not a design issue - I knew what went where so it's straightforward to recreate), but I can't find any scenario where I don't get the above error message. I tried exporting to movie from AN (creating new swf files), I tried importing AN files direct, nothing worked and always the same message. I uninstalled AE without prefs, to no avail. The animation files behave as they should in AN. I've ticked the box that says optimise for AE (although I hadn't previously I'm sure). Ticked or not makes no difference.

Is this a bug continuing in the new release or am I (probably) missing sonething?


Error or problem , Import and export






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