AE 2022 Bugs: Composition Window frequently stops displaying. Create composition button broken.

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Nov 09, 2021 Nov 09, 2021

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In AE 2022, the Composition window will frequently will stop displaying my scene. Won't even try to show you a preview render at any resolution. It just appears grey. The only solution is to quit and relaunch the program.

Also,  dragging any footage in the project window onto the composition button is completely broken. It no longer creates a composition or does anything at all.

These are not listed as known issues, but are making AE2022 impossible to use and are such basic functionality problems, I am suprised others have not reported them.

I am on macOS Big Sur, on a 2020 iMac with the AMD 5700XT graphics card and 64 gb of RAM.

Please fix, Adobe!

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