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AE is running slow on very good hardware, how to optimise?

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Feb 14, 2022 Feb 14, 2022

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I recently got access to a very good computer for After Effects, but I'm running into issues with speed/caching/previews. Basically, even relatively simple effects cause my previews to chug. Sometimes I have to wait 10 seconds or more for even 1 or 2 frames to render. I constantly have to stop and wait for frames to render when changing any parameters.


Here are the specs of the computer I'm using:

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-Core Processor 3.69 GHz
128 GB of RAM


In the project I'm in at the moment I'm using trapcode paricular, air simulation and 1 aux system, no other effects. My composition is in 4K which would stress the computer more than 1080 obviously, but my preview is at half resolution.


Here are the things I've done to improve performance so far. While these have helped a bit, it's not a big improvement:
- Put my media cache on a secondary SSD, set the media cache size to 600 GB
- Turned on adaptive resolution
- Adaptive resolution limit to 1/16
- Idle delay before caching starts to 2 secs, Cache frames from start of range, cache range: entire duration
- 116GB of ram available for After Effects
- Multi Frame rendering enabled, only 5% reserved for other applications

I can see that when After Effects is chugging my computer itself is doing fine. Even when it's struggling the most my memory usage doesn't go above 35%, nothing else is close to over 50%.

Is there anything else I can do to improve performance?









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