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AERender Inconsistent Rendering Times - Adobe Disk Cache Explodes & High Disk Read/Writes

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Nov 22, 2023 Nov 22, 2023

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Hi community,


We run renders on cloud VMs with 64GB RAM, and 16 vCPUs on Windows Server 2022 with 300 GB storage SSD. This is confirmed with multiple versions of `aerender` including 24.2 Beta. 

It appears that we can render the same `.aep` with the same settings, but some are drastically slower. We've been trying to track this down, and it appears that these slow renders have some commonalities:

  • High Disk Operations (Read, Write)
  • It appears that the Disk Cache folder grows continuously


High Disk Operations

As an example, highlighted in the image below, there are two render machines with high Disk Writes. You can see faintly in the background, other lines which are the good performing renders which generally have a much lower disk write rate (there may be some spikes at the beginning and end due to other pre/post processing steps we do), but the bad renders are just continuously high.



On the other hand, this is what a healthy render does - with the middle part being the rendering portion, with a generally lower read/write Disk Ops.



Disk Cache Folder

As well, it's also worth noting that the Disk Usage just grows continuously as in the example below. We're pretty sure that it's the Disk Cache folder as we noticed it yesterday grew to > 100 GB.



Update 2023-11-23 

Looking at one of our "Bad VMs" you can see some duplicate writes to Disk - Cache. 






Is this a bug in `aerender` that's causing this? AERender Disk Cache is set to READ ONLY on all renders, but we're noticing this odd variability in our renders and can't get consistent render performance.

Also, isn't Disk Cache only used for Preview (and not Rendering)?


Any suggestions welcome!


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