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After Effects taking too much long to render project

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Dec 05, 2023 Dec 05, 2023

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Hey guys, me again at this forum. How you doing?

I was doing a project at After Effects, used some features to animate but nothing too much complicated (just rotating, position, stroke, and a 2D door opening in 3D feature). I am used to render a lot of complex projects in After Effects/Media Encoder, but this time it is so strange. My After Effects would render more complex projects with lights, a lot of animations and texts within 50 minutes or else, but this simple 2 minute project is taking more than that.


My rendering is getting too long, takes a lot of time, but not only this, when it gets to the last frames it just frozes and won't render anymore. It is a 2 minute video, shouldn't take so much time to render and get ready. I am trying to render it since yesterday, which I had to wait like an hour to render 99% of it and when it showed that needed just more 5 second it just got frozen and wouldn't render anymore. 


I don't know if it's the video - for real I checked it all and it doesn't have anything too much complex to take this long, it's a 2D video, the app or Adobe itself, as my Photoshop was also not working yesterday but it doesn't come to the case rn.


Anyone who can give me a tip? Would be thankful. Have a nice day!


My computer configs:

i5 10300H 2.5GHZ

RAM 32gb

2 SSD (500gb n 1tb)

GTX 1650

Import and export , Performance






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