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Automation Blocks quick tips

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Nov 05, 2022 Nov 05, 2022

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I created a bunch of one minute tutorials - each highlighting one of the tools created in the community library of our extension Automation Blocks. In a nutshell, Automation Blocks is a big collection of ready to use tools and also allows you to create your own scripts in Ae without writing any program code. The community library ensures that the collection of available tools grows every doay. Thanks a lot to everybody who contributes to the community!


Reverse Layer Order


Elastic Animations in One Click


Text to Text Layers



Cycle Background Colors



Multiple Texts in a Auto-Resizing Box



Text At Markers


Textlayer <-> Srt Captions Workflow



Scale Layers to Same Width

download Automation Blocks for After Effects at https://aescripts.com/automation-blocks-for-after-effects/ Learn how to convert subtitles (srt caption files) into native After Effects layers. In combination with Premiere Pro's speech to text feature, this allows you to create accurately synced ...
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