Consistently get After Effects error. file is damaged ( 33 : 7 ) error when saving to network drive.

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Aug 10, 2022 Aug 10, 2022

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In both older and newer versions of Adobe After effects, I have noticed that I am frequently getting an error stating "After Effects error. file is damaged ( 33 : 7 )" when I save to a mapped network drive on Windows 10. Here's an example showcasing this. I'm just repeatedly saving iterations of a file (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S) and you can see some versions save successfully while the versions named "test4" and "test5" don't. When I attempt to import them, After Effects fails and cannot (they are damaged).

To confirm this, I looked at a binary difference between test3 (which was saved successfully) and test4 (which was corrupted). Sure enough, lots of the data in test4 is zeros (test3 on top, test4 on bottom):


So the file really is corrupted and data is missing.


I have never had this issue when saving to a local drive. It has something to do with saving an After Effects file to a network drive. Specfiically, the network drive I used in this example is an SMB share from a Windows 10 server. The network drive is an M.2 NVMe drive and the server's CPU is an Intel Celeron G4900. I've had this issue with both one gigabit connections using the built-in LAN ports on both machines as well as when using 10-gigabit connections using Mellanox Connect X 2 cards.


I have never had issues saving any other types of files (Photoshop, text, microsoft office, png files, etc.) to this network drive. This issue is exclusive to After Effects.


Any ideas why this happens? It is because of some latency between the workstation and the server?

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