Crash when Duplicating Layers v22.5.0

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Aug 08, 2022 Aug 08, 2022

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I found a reproducible crash in AFX CC 2022 - (no crash with CC 2021 and older.)

(Posted in Adobe After Effects feedback page:

This happens with JavaScript expression engine - no crash with legacy ExtendScript engine.

I have a null layer with a shape layer parented to it.
The null layer has an expression in the Position property.
The expression looks at the position of the layer that is "index - 2" above it. (There are two null layers above, so the expression works.)

When I duplicate the null and shape layer together, then drag then to the bottom of the stack, all is normal.

If I repeat the process of duplicating the two layers and dragging them to the bottom of the stack, AFX will eventually crash after 60-100 layers are duplicated.

Tested on two different workstations with CC 2022, and crashes every time (the exact amount of layer duplicates before the crash can vary, but crashes usually before 100 layers.)

Does not crash when using Legacy ExtendScript expression engine, or with either engine in CC 2021 and older.

Example AEP attached.









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