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Crashes, Hanging and Instability (Oh my).

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Mar 16, 2021 Mar 16, 2021

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Adobe After Effects... Oh how I loathe thee.
 - Updated After Effects and it wiped all my third party plugins from my machine (because I have all the time in the world while servicing clients and making deadline to reinstall all of them).

- The program crashes or hangs when activating playback (which is amazing since this is a MOTION PICTURE processing application).

- The program crashes or hangs on saves and autosaves (which makes me wonder why I bother in the first place).
- Adding effects to a layer automatically creates keyframes for said plugin... Without me doing anything. Which means I have to go an reset all settings before I can resume.
- Oh yes, and the crashes. The endless crashes. This morning after Effects crashed because I had Outlook open in the background. Yesterday it crashed because I opened a Google Chrome window to research a procedure on YouTube.
- Did I mention the never-ending cycle of crashing?
- Also, crashes.
- Running the program as Administrator obliterates any drag-and-drop functionality, but is moderately more stable than running it normally. 'Moderately' as in: it crashes about 20% less.
- This seems to be affecting my bank account too, money seems to be ditrubuted to Adobe each month, but I'm not sure why because I'm not really being compensated with working software.
- All the problems here are completely unpredicable. I cannot replicate the issues even when I try. They occur frequently and without any warning.
- Did I mention crashes?

Sarcasm and joking aside, I've been complaining to Adobe and on Reddit for months about the SAME problems. Seriously now, I'm convinced Adobe is just trolling us and we're paying them to. DON'T blame my RAM, I don't need a NASA super-computer to create animated 2D vector graphics. In my experience there aren't any Mac users encountering these issues either, so what exactly are you playing at Adobe?

Intel Core i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz  3.60GHz

Windows 10

Crash, Error or problem, Freeze or hang, Performance, User interface or workspaces







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