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DPX tags and metadata

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Oct 27, 2022 Oct 27, 2022

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Hi, community.
I have a question.
I am working with a post-production lab requesting specific metadata burned inside DPX files.
In particular, when I render and export in DPX, they need the source information about the reel name, or input device name, within the files.
Inside After Effects seems like there is no way to view this information and not even a way to write the data within the file when exporting the final render.
The only way to see this is by going to DaVinci Resolve, Xnview, or other systems able to read this metadata. (I guess Nuke also can read it, but I don't have Nuke).
I also tried a DPX metadata editor, but it crashes as soon as it tries to open all DPX sequences rendered with After Effects (the same thing won't happen if I export the same DPX with DaVinci Resolve).
I want to keep the workflow inside Adobe, and unfortunately, I cannot do the job with DaVinci because I have the free version, and the file size is limited to UHD (I am working in full 4K).
Do you have any idea on how to work around this issue?
Is there any way to edit DPX Metadata with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder, or Bridge?
Also, why DPX files generated with Adobe are not the same as those generated with some other software (ep. DaVinci) since the DPX editor crashes when I open the sequence?
I am going crazy because I have all the tools with Adobe, but it is not helping me to complete the job at 360°. 😞
Thank you. 🙂

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