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Layer Boundery Cutoff Problem

Community Beginner ,
Nov 07, 2023 Nov 07, 2023

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Hi folks,


I'm doing a day to night shot of a SUV passing through a field. I played with the colors, added spotlights for light ground reflection and created the headlights with lens flares. To animate all the lights, I created a Null and tied all the layers to it (I don't know if it would be better to move the Null only or to animate the position of the all the layers separately). However, the ground lights and the headlights' layer bounderies make the lights look just slightly cut off at the bottom edge of the layer. I've dealt with such a prolbem before, but I've rectified it with a subtracted, feathered mask, though this doesn't work now.


Things that I tried, which didn't do anything: 1 - applied the Grow Bounds effect straight on the solid layers ; 2 - Precomped one of the headlight solid layers, and tried it with different modes. I also tried to create and feather a mask on the precomp and add the Grow Bounds effect on it, but still no luck.


The only situation where the layer bounderies problem disappears is when I change the Lens Type of the Lens Flare effect from 105mm Prime to one of the other 2 options (because the lens flare shrinks below the layer bounderies I guess), but they don't produce the same headlight appearance, so that's not an option maybe. Here's how it looks:


Does anyone have any suggestions how to correct this?

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