Listbox columnWidths maximum size?

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Feb 08, 2022 Feb 08, 2022

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Is there a way to set maximum size for a column in Listbox?


I have a listbox with several colums

var list = my_palette.add('ListBox', [0, 0, 710, 300],undefined,
                        {numberOfColumns: 7, showHeaders: true,
                        columnTitles: ['#','Layer Name', 'Comp Name','Text','1','2','3'],multiselect:true,columnWidths:[30,190,190,210,20,30,30],});

But these columnwidths are only setup in creation and they behave like minimumSize. Which is ok. But I load layer name, comp name and source text into colums. These in length can easily breach the 190,190,210 widths  I have initially set up for them and scrollbar appers and the UI is no longer "pretty".


I am ok with the text not showing fully but I can not find a way to set a maximum size for these columns. I have tried trimming the number of characters to show in the column, but the problem is I can easily fit like 40 "thin" characters in preview like "i" and "f", but when the text has a lot of "thick" characters like "m" or "w" i can fit only like 20...which is a big difference.


Any help is appreciated.

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