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Low Memory Warning

Explorer ,
Mar 16, 2024 Mar 16, 2024

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I've just swithced to a M3 iMac and am getting the "low memory" issue for my preview renders.  It is happening on comps that are not demanding at all. Maybe a layer of video with one or two animated text layers.  Nothing special and something my previous iMac had no problem with.  Purging memory and cache will fix it temporarily but only enough to preview the current timeline. Then if you make changes or swicth to a new comp the propblem reoccurs.  Eventually it just devolves to only previewing 6-8 frames. Oddly enough you can hand scrub through the timeline and fill it in all green but when you hit play it erases those frames and only  renders a few seconds.


I have tried restarting both AE 24.2.1 and my computer. I also tried the Ae Beta 24.4. which still had the same problem.


Anyway, just putting this out there for the information to be used to find a solution.


In reading through other posts I did try starting a brand new project and it seems to function normally. ( so far ) It actually rips through the renders. ( the other projects were prexisting from Ae 23 )


I'm running m3 iMac - 24 RAM with 1 TB hard drive.  It's brand new with only a few applications load so far.



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