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LUT in linear working space applying incorrectly

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Apr 07, 2023 Apr 07, 2023

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Applying the same LUT between After Effects with the "Apply Color LUT" effect and in Photoshop with the "Color Lookup" adjustment layer is giving me inconsistent results -- in Photoshop, I'm working in 32 bits and my working space is ACEScg. In After Effects (2022), my working space is also ACEScg with 32 bit depth and a linearized working space with Tetrahedral LUT interpolation. In this case, Photoshop is applying the LUT correctly, as it matches the result when applied in Nuke, so After Effects is the culprit. My view settings are set up correctly, which I know because the LUT that I am using is a color space transform and I can get a correct result in AE with the OCIO plugin, but when I use the LUT with "Apply Color LUT" the image is darker than it should be. Any thoughts? The LUT is a cinespace ".csp" with a prelut/shaper of size 1024 and a cube size of 32. It was generated to convert the linear ACEScg color space into an Output - sRGB space.

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