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plugin applied twice to the same sequence

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Apr 13, 2021 Apr 13, 2021

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Dear friends,

I have the following problem.

When I apply my plugin (in Premiere Pro) to the frame sequence, it works correctly. Namely, it blends the initial canvas (treated as background) with my animated shape.

However, when I apply my plugin the second time to the same sequence, it erases the shape from the first plugin-application and takes the same initial canvas as an input (instead of taking  the new canvas with an animated shape from the previous plugin application as an input). Do you know if its possible to cure this in premiere Pro?

Here are snippets of my code.

Render funct

PF_InData* in_data,
PF_OutData* out_data,
PF_ParamDef* params[],
PF_LayerDef* output, json& dictionary, std::string word)

PF_Err err = PF_Err_NONE;
AEGP_SuiteHandler suites(in_data->pica_basicP);

PF_EffectWorld *inputP = &(params[MYPLUGIN_INPUT]->u.ld); // here is where I load the bakground canvas

cairoCopy8_Pr(inputP, &cairoRefcon, outputP);// here is my shape drawing function. The new canvas is saved into outputP.

params[MYPLUGIN_INPUT]->u.ld.data = &(*outputP->data); //Here is the place where I try to change the initial canvas.












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