Program Repeatedly Demanding > 200% of RAM and that I Force Quit - Help

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Apr 09, 2022 Apr 09, 2022

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This issue is contrary to how the program was running a few days ago, under identical &/or more strenuous parameters.
I don't have excellent knowledge on how Adobe Programs or my Computers work "under the hood", so I am including as much information as possible.

I have a project needing to use the rotobrush tool under uniform parameters (see Fig 1.) to extract actors standing in a sound-stage from the background (There were and are many steps where these production circumstances were not the most practical).

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 6.39.49 pm.png

Fig 1.

The footage, prior to After Effects, was edited down and exported as:
126 Clips
1080p : 1080p
Apple 4444XQ


A Total of 116946 Frames between all clips.

I have been doing this between several Apple Macs at once. Primarily:
Apple Silicone M1 Ultra (20 Cores) with 64gB of Unified Memory, running the most up-to date O.S. and Creative Cloud Suite. This Computer permits After Effects 58gB of the Memory, and 96gB Cache, that I clear between sessions.
2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 with 16gB RAM and a 4gB AMD Radeon Pro 5300M Graphics Card, with equally as Up-To- Date Software. This Computer permits After Effects 11gB of Memory, and 46gB of Cache, that I clear between sessions.

I also save copies of old project files, so I can remove successfully rendered clips (of the 126), and simplify the current projects, so they are not bogged down, if that could become an issue.

When using the program, I have no other software of consequence running, and at the moment, am not using or installing any other taxing programs.

My Project files are in an Apple iCloud Drive Folder. I use a different Project file per computer, so there is less fear of them over-writing/interfering with one-another, mid session.


Three days ago, I had successfully rendered 25% of the clips.
Two Days ago, I had finetuned the comps and added to the render queue another 42% of clips. When I set them to render, the Intel based Mac successfully rendered all but 2 of the clips, and then crashed, and the Silicone based Mac successfully rendered 1 clip, and then crashed.

Ever since, neither Mac is operating to the same standard they had. I cannot quit After Effects, without it being a Force Quit. A great deal of saved work has inexplicably disappeared from the Projects, and couldn't be found in Auto-Saves or Time Machine backups. Otherwise, some of the work or the clips linked in them, independantly, all refuse to render.


The Silicone Mac specifically, gets sluggish instantly, decelerating to process only 0.2 Frames per Second in the Roto-Brush pass, from 2.7 Frames per Second, only 50ish frames ago. If it processes a video longer than a minute, it gives me a Force Quit Alert, saying the program is using 130gB of Memory that doesn't exist. It takes all day to process just one clip, in project files with no other work, where before it could at the very least process 9 a day, in project files with dozens more completed Comps residing. This problem performance is the best of cases, after lots of fixing the files, crashes and restarts.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing After Effects. I try and shut down the computers, and keep them removed from power, for decent periods of time, whenever reasonable... Help?!

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 6.59.13 pm.png

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 7.05.54 pm.png


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