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Roto Brush Aggravations

Contributor ,
Mar 15, 2024 Mar 15, 2024

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Not sure if this is just me or what, but I find this tool very obstinate. Once it thinks it has found the masking edges, it is very hard to adjust using brush strokes. I am finding that I am spending about 5 minutes a frame trying to clean up the mask because instead of it looking at where I put the stroke, it will make great changes or no changes at all. Often I find that by drawing a closed shape it will somrtimes catch on. Unless all you need it for it face detection, which is what all the videos seems to be about, it is not much better than masking mnaually frame by frame.


I really think there should be a way to manually adjust the mask like a regular mask can be. This brushing method feels like a constant battle with the software to get what you want. it's fine to get the initial mask shape, but fine detailing it is not working with this brush method. There can be obvious contrasting edges and it will not figure it out. Anyone else get better results?

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