Setting Audio Levels Globally with Automation Blocks

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Jun 02, 2022 Jun 02, 2022

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I got a request via Email if it is possible to set the audio levels in an Ae project globally with Automation Blocks; like setting the levels 

- for all audio layers, or

- all audio layers whose levels currently have a particular value or

- all occurrences of a particular audio file


Thank you Karl, for this idea! I've added the following tools for it to the Community Library now:

- Set Audio Levels of All Occurrences of Selected Project Items: Promps for a new audio level value and sets the audio levels of all layers which use one of the currently selected project items to that value.

- Audio Levels Replace: Asks for a new and old audio levels value and replaces all occurrences of the old value with the new one


This tutorial describes how I programmed the tools and how you can create other variations of them:

Audio , Scripting







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