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Text animation has changed in 23.6.0?!

New Here ,
Sep 26, 2023 Sep 26, 2023

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I have added text animation the same way for years (I use animation presets). As of late however, something has changed. Not sure if it's a bug or not but whenever I add the same preset I've used for years, the animation looks different. 


I would usually add Opacity (0%) and Position (dependant on text size, mask etc however let's say 40) to Text Animation. In Advanced settings, Based on would be 'Lines', Mode would be 'Add', shape would be 'Ramp Up' with Easy High at -100%. 


What I'd usually expect to see, is the text animating in from 0% opacity one line at a time with nice easing. What I'm finding now is after the first line animates up and the second line animates up, but then the first line moves back down. This has never happened in the years I've used After Effects. All I want is each line to fade in with slight bit of movement of y position but it's behaving unlike anything I've seen before. 


Any idea what's going on?






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