Videos from Creative Cloud Libraries do not work in After Effects

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Jan 21, 2022 Jan 21, 2022

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TL;DR: Adobe Libraries does not work with video footage in After Effects. 


I was excited to learn the other day that Adobe Libraries now supported video, and added some of my go-to stock video to my library this afternoon. Everything seemed to work as intended with Premiere (2021), but not in After Effects. When dragging clips in from my library to the project pane, the footage appeared as offline media, with a shopping cart icon (attached). It appears the shopping cart was attempting to take me to Adobe stock to purchase the clip (which was my own, not a part of Adobe Stock), but even that failed to bring up anything but an error window (attached).


I was able to replicate this problem with every piece of footage I tried, mov and mp4, h.264 and cineform, in after effects 2021 and 2022. This only occurs with video in my creative cloud library, if I save the file locally it works normally. All jpegs and photoshop files still import normally as well. With the help of Adobe tech support, I tried reset the preferences, as well as logging out, restarting, etc. I spoke with another editor today and he was having the same problem; neither of us are sure that this ever worked in After Effects, but it seems clear that it was intended to. I'm waiting on a call back from tech support, but they asked that I start this thread in the meantime, and were unaware of this problem prior to my call.


Oh, the same clips that I used for testing worked perfectly in Premiere, when imported via the Libraries panel, the same as I tried to do in After Effects, so I believe that rules out any upload issues or file errors. All testing done on Windows 10 machine, but was replicated on Mac as well.


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