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Adobe Illustrator: New Transition Effects

Community Beginner ,
Jun 21, 2024 Jun 21, 2024

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I wish Adobe had some more transition effects, so this is why I made a suggestion for exactly that so that it will be easier for beginners to use the software.


New Transition Effects:


1. Polyhedron

This effect will create a polyhedron transition. This can be configurable by these settings: the amount of sides, enabling blur, blur sharpness, completion, size and etc..


2. CC Wheel Wipe

This effect will create a wheel wiping transition. This effect can be customizable with these settings: amount of strokes, types of strokes, blur sharpness, completion and direction.


3. CC Puzzle

This effect creates a puzzle transition that then zooms in. This effect can be configured with these controls: completion, pieces, blur, and more.


4. CC Fragment

This effect will show fragments of the video and stack on each other then blend in with the solid, video, or image. This effect can be configurable with these settings: number of fragments, completion, size, scatter, and more.


5. Shape Scale

This effect will show a shape that is the video zooming in. This effect can be configured with these settings: mask, completion, blur, inverse transition and etc..

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