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AE Flowchart path usage

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Feb 08, 2023 Feb 08, 2023

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I have come across a situation I am hoping Adobe can work with us users.



I have nested comps that are a few comps deep. I need to access information from the grandparent of the child, but I cannot flow upstream. 

IE: MC_Container_A / MC_Framwork / MC_Footage.

I need MC_Footage to access information from MC_Container_A.



From many trial and errors I have work around where I have to name all the comps with the same trailing name. (A)

IE: MC_Container_A / MC_Framework_A / MC_Footage_A

I then access the comp name replace the "Footage" with "Container" in my code and access the information I need.

While this is a decent workaround, the issue is I now have to rename all my comps in the project library and when there are tons of comps to rename and duplicate it gets a bit tiresome.



As I have been looking at your "Flowchart" view this has the very thing I need. Each comp has a flow and even when a comp is nested in several different comps, it has its own flowpath that shows where it is used in each comp. Is there a way for us to access that Flowchart information that we can trace the path where a comp is nested from?

IE: MC_Container_A / MC_Framwork / MC_Footage.

      MC_Container_B / MC_Framwork / MC_Footage.

      MC_Container_C / MC_Framwork / MC_Footage.

     So when I code in my expressions I can look at the child's grandparent based on its flowchart. ( MC_Footage -> MC_Container_A )


Possible solution:  flowchart - just like fullPath function, this would show the flowchart path of the current nested comp from it's current position through the top layer of nested comps like it is displayed in the flowchart. ( MC_Container_A / MC_Framwork / MC_Footage )


This would allow me in expressions to access a specific comp within this path. 

     IE: thisComp.flowchart.split("/")[0] would return  "MC_Container_A"

          depending on the mini-flowchart of the comp it could return MC_Container_ A,B, or C.


Thanks for your consideration, I know this would be a great addition to the AE Community out there struggling already with DuctTape workarounds to do this very thing.

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