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Gradient system updates request.

New Here ,
Oct 02, 2023 Oct 02, 2023

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It would be so hugely helpful to have a few things updated in gradient system in After Effects. 

1. Visible Knots

In working extensively with gradients ported over from Figma, I am often struck by the lack of gradient knots in the comp ui of AE. The gradient pop up panel feels dated and disconnected compared to the Figma interface for manipulating gradients. Direct adjustment in the comp window would be so useful!

2. New gradient tool

A second request would be adding an additional gradient fill (Gradient Fill Expanded?) that allows one to surface individual gradient colors on the timeline. This could allow keyframing of individual colors and their position properties in the timeline and access via scripiting, and the possibility to add to the essential properties panel! All this would be a huge leap forward. I imagine this as an additional tool to the current one, as it is useful to have all the colors and knots contained in a single keyframe for most situtions.

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