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Hyphen and Underscore Reckognized in text Word Jumping/Navigation

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Jan 04, 2024 Jan 04, 2024

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TL:DR - When editing text in the project panel or anywhere, can you please make it so that ctrl+arrow keys and ctrl+shift+arrow keys recognizes hyphen(-) and underscore(_) as word separators?


I use a combination of camelCase and snake_case when it comes to naming conventions professionally for most of my videos. Often when I create comps there will be variations on the end that change for multiple similar videos.  Here are two hypothetical examples:



If I needed to make a quick duplicate of this comp for another person, this is the behavior I would love to have: I would duplicate the comp, hit enter to edit the text, push right key to move the cursor to the end of the text, hit ctrl+shift+left arrow to select just the name, type the new name, enter, the end.
Currently it selects the whole line and I'm forced to include spaces in my naming or only select one letter at a time with the keys or use my mouse (gross). Sure I can just format it with spaces and then insert underscores/hyphens later with Global Renamer or something, but this is a suggestion for a faster, in the moment solution. 

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