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Make Corner Pin/CC Power Pin more memory-efficient

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Apr 22, 2024 Apr 22, 2024

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I very rarely experience out-of-memory errors (other than AE's occasional self-imposed 2GB per frame limit, but that's a different issue) but when I'm using CC Power Pin with large images/video, an out of memory error during render is almost guaranteed. I am currently rendering a comp, which includes CC Power Pin, using Software Only (during render, AE gobbles up ALL of my 128GB RAM) because using GPU acceleration fails because my GPU has "only" 24GB VRAM, and the render exceeds this.


The comp (it is an imported Photoshop 5-layered image) that causes the issue is 5464x10000 - a large comp but by no means insanely huge - dropped into a 4K 16:9 comp with CC Power Pin added. I'd have thought that 24GB VRAM should be enough to calculate the corner pin effect, but apparently not. May I suggest that either/both Corner Pin and CC Power Pin are updated to be more efficient?

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