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Set location menu (home/work/laptop on the go etc) automatically selects cache/autosave location

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Feb 23, 2023 Feb 23, 2023

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Similar to workspaces menu that allows a quick reset for different setups - minimal layout for laptop only, or everything within reach for a 2 monitor setup - it would be great if there was a monitor in which I could quickly choose where I am - just on my laptop travelling, at home with my laptop + 2 monitor setup and all the hard drives, or at some other random location. 


This would automatically choose media cache and disk cache location and autosave location, rather than having to manually reset each setting when you get back home. The popup message that your media cache location can't be found, could then be used to ask you, 'We can't find your media cache location, choose where you are now', or even better also give you the opportunity to rescan for that hard drive if you happened to forget to reconnect it before you started After Effects or Premiere. It could sit next to the workspaces menu.


mockup location menu.png

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