Virtual Set attempt w/ AE+C4D+iphone11+MacbookPro

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Jul 28, 2020

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I used an iphone11 at 30fps, 1080p, to shoot the subject and desk. I took the footage and tracked it in C4D's trial version then built a set around the solved/tracked camera. Then I imported that C4D file/footage into After Effects where it was layered behind a keyed out/masked .mov layer of the same iphone11 footage. I made this on a 9 year old MacBook pro with a dual core i7 and 8 gigs of RAM on a standard intel HD card. I now have a Dell, 8 core i9 with 32 gigs of RAM and a good NVIDIA graphics card.

As you can tell, many frames between the .mov and .c4d layers don't match and there's some noise on the subject and desk during movement.

How would you clean this up and make it more professional? Do I need a DSLR instead, or is there a way to do this with an iphone? Is there better software to achieve this, or do I simply need more experience with AE and C4D?

Resources/Special Thanks:How to integrate a green screen actor into a virtual 3D room in After Effects
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