crash issue on iOS after air sdk 15 16 updates - from my experience

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Jan 24, 2015

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Hello I was got trouble in publishing to iOS: app immediately got crashed after being launched on iOS devices.

1. It was probably caused by the ANEs. However since the version 16 of air sdk, ANEs need to be updated to universal version (to support both iOS 64 and 32 bit). So if the ANEs were out-of-date, the compiler will throw error. If no error with the ANE, then it isn't about ANE.

There are several ANEs that have been released with 64 bit support from Adobe (Social.ane, ProductStore.ane, etc. you could find around in the forum), freshplanet from GitHub, and MilkManGame (paid one), you may find useful stuff there.

2. Or It may be caused by one of the frameworks you are working with. Just in my opinion (by observing and guessing), there were some exceptions that is called "error" in air sdk 15 16, while they were called "warning" on previous verions. The frameworks such as mvcExpress was working well in previous version, but not in 15 16 versions. you may found useful in this link ( if you are using mvcExpress and got crash.

3. Basically, the air sdk itself is very good to most common uses atm. thanks to the developers

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