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A Question About Older Versions

Community Beginner ,
Sep 05, 2023 Sep 05, 2023

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Good morning, afternoon, evening or whatever time it is now.

I, as a veteran Flash animator, would like to ask a few questions about Adobe Animate that may help newcomers make the right decision.

1. Is downloading Flash/Animate for free legal, even if I use a legitimate serial number?

I believe I asked this a bunch of times and got the same answer. However, I'd like to ask your opinions on this question. Will it ever be legal?

(My opinion: Take a wild guess. I'd rather someone buy it off eBay and then download only in situations where their CD drive is broken, like mine.)

2. How do I get features that aren't in older versions (or even newer ones)?

(My opinion: Ever heard of JSFL? Use that to make your own extensions and spread them across the world using the internet.)

3. How do I get started?

Many people ask this question to themselves once they get the program.
(My opinion: Try learning it by yourself. Can't figure it out? Search up a tutorial for your version, read books, try and try again! Practice makes perfect. Trust me.)

4. Where can I get older versions of Adobe Animate?

Those who can't run the new versions need to find out what they can do.

(My opinion: Google "eBay Adobe Flash Professional" or "eBay Macromedia Flash", and find the version you need. Never download it first.)

I'd love to hear your opinions and answers to these questions, as well, so feel free to respond to this post.

Good day! 🙂



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