Animate CC OAM to Dreamweaver/Bootstrap Leaves a gap between elements

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Mar 07, 2021 Mar 07, 2021

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I am new to Animate CC which I really like and makes creating animations quite easy. When I publish an Animate OAM package and place it on a web page using Dreamweaver CC and Bootstrap 4, the animation looks great and is fully responsive from lg to sm screen sizes - but as the screen size gets smaller there is a proportionally larger span of white space between the OAM and whatever element is next. On my cell phone this empty space takes up half the screen,

Here is a good web page example:

In the Animate publish settings I select responsive=both. As you can see from the web page attached I get the same behavior if I wrap the OAM in an <object> tag (default Dreamweaver)  or an <iframe>. I use width = 100% and height = animation pixel width. I have tried several different configurations including wrapping the <object> element in a div class embed responsive item, etc.

Anyone have suggestions?

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