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Dec 01, 2020 Dec 01, 2020

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Hello, I'm wondering about the compatibility of illustrator with animate. Recently I've made some artwork thats been having issues with amimate as a whole with importing it because of advanaced fuctions within illustrator.


My question is what are the limitations between the two programs? I tried find info regarding this but found nothing.  What is the scale of editable artwork from extremely simplistic to photorealistic?  My goal was to create artwork inbetween realism and an animated style to then be able to animate said artwork. I want to be able to have the same degree of control as I do with layers in creating and editing vector artwork, but the effects and other special features that are in illustrator end up making my editable artwork into a raster image or a bitmap. I'm confused on the whole process of how to go about it.


I don't want to have to take my whole artwork piece and make multiple images of editable artwork as that's supposed to be the benefit of vector art. I want to be able to control each individual object and layers within my composition and then be able to alter seperate objects in the program I've imported into. 


The goal was to have as limited number of "flat images" as possible because I don't want to overload the project when I can have a limited amount of frames vs double or triple the same amount. What's the best way to work effciently in animate jn the least amount of frames?


Please let me know if any of the wording was confusing, I'm relatively new to adobe and art.

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