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Nov 04, 2021 Nov 04, 2021

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So its been a while since i work regularly in Animate... 

I've made a simple html5 canvas for a google banner, with a simple text fade, a button that changes color when you hover over it, and a picture that moves. So Far so good.

Ive managed to keep the size down in regulations with google... now were talking! 

but when i publish the project its only possibly with the "hosted" javascript box checked... And as i have come to find out, google does not like that, as it wants everything uploaded locally...

In order to make the button go my external webpage, i have used the pre-made actionscript snippet (of coarse taken from the html5canvas folder). The rest of the functions are simple tween animations.


Can anyone tell me how to improve this? i could cope/paste the hosted .js library but its massive, and takes up more space than the rest of the files together (288kB) and the total must only be 150kB.

If its possible to pinpoint what effects that uses this hosted library it would be very helpful as well







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