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Aug 09, 2021 Aug 09, 2021

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I have been away from Animate for a LONG time.  I was using AS2 and AS3 last time Animate/Flash was a thing.  So, I was wondering, what is the proper way to now print specific items in a document?


For example, say I make an interactive object MC, and want my users to be able to print out the finalized MC instance (and its children) as they have modified it to be how they want.  What would I use for a button's actions instead of the "printAsBitmap" function?  I've been searching but Google is a mess for this question, at least for me.


I suppose a way to think of this is that I want to imbed my project into an in-line frame in a website, let the user modify an MC, then press a button when they are done to print the MC.  I could even work around with them printing the whole visible stage but I'd really prefer it to just be the current instance of the MC.



Off-topic, naming the product "Adobe Animate" was not a great choice when trying to search for help lol.  Flash at least was somewhat unique and didn't pop up 1000 other products haha.







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