Advanced layers works in 19.1 but not in 19.2.1

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Sep 22, 2019

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I've set up a complex project using the targeting of advanced layers, that works well in v19.1. However I've now found I need to use dynamic text with webfonts, which doesn't work well in v19.1, so I've changed to 19.2.1. However the advanced layers are no longer visible to target. Console.log(this); on a 19.2.1 file and you won't see any layer names. Running Mac 10.13.6. 

I'm surprised nobody else has this problem. While I can target the movieclips in some instances, because of the complexity of the file, sometimes it's much more efficient to target the layer instead. As it is I've got over 18,000 lines of javascript and that'll only get much bigger if I cannot use advanced layers. Plus it'll mean recoding mountains of stuff.







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