Animate v20.0.3 (build 25487) fails to create 32-bit texture pngs on publish

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Jun 10, 2020

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I have an existing HTML canvas project that was created with Animate Version 19.2.1 (build 408). When I publish with Image Settings->Texture (32-bit, 2048x2048), Animate fails to export the images/*_atlas.png file which causes createjs to fail with the stack trace below. 


I attempted to include my test project, but the attachment mechanism below keeps rejecting it.  I can supply to anyone in need of it.


Steps to reproduce bug:
1. Use v19.2.1 (build 408) and create a HTML5 canvas project.
2. Add an image -- I copied and pasted something from the web.
3. Configure Publish Settings->Image Settings
- check - Export Image assets and set the folder to 'images'
- Export as Texture
- Quality = 32 Bit (IMPORTANT)
- Resolution: 2.0
- Max size 2048x2048
4. Publish and test in Chrome browser --- works as expected
5. Save the project in a folder of choice
6. Copy and paste the new folder --- just to create a copy
7. Open the copied .fla in Adobe Animate 20.0.3 (build 25487)
8. Publish and test in Chrome browser. The image will not appear. Open DevTools to see the errors which I included below.



createjs.min.js:12 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getContext' of undefined
at a.b._parseData (createjs.min.js:12)
at new a (createjs.min.js:12)
at handleComplete (720p60-cc.html?13910:45)
at 720p60-cc.html?13910:30
at a.b._dispatchEvent (createjs.min.js:12)
at a.b._dispatchEvent (createjs.min.js:12)
at a.b.dispatchEvent (createjs.min.js:12)
at a.b._sendComplete (createjs.min.js:16)
at a.b._loadNext (createjs.min.js:17)
at a.b._handleError (createjs.min.js:17)


Expected results:
I simply expected the image to be displayed with no errors.






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